of fibres comes from recycled cotton


of compostable raw material


since 2017, 100% of the energy comes from renewable resources

our factory emissions are 20 times below the law limit


respectful of our art deco’ building- still working in our beautiful 1930s factory

tons of waste material we are able to save thanks to our unique way of production

the tons of pasta we ate all together in our canteen!

Nowadays the fashion industry represents the second most polluting industry in the world. With the shoe sector being one of the toughtest in terms of production cycle as well as being one of the hardest garment to recycle.
But things are slowly changing and Morel is taking part in this change.
There isn’t a proper ‘being sustainable’ term of reference, and swapping plastic for paper probably won’t be the solution.
Morel believes in concrete actions, even small ones, that truly make a change, not only for the environment but also for our community.

We are a company that makes zero waste out of its production and has the emissions levels that are 20 times less the law limits.
We have our canteen with a nice lady preparing delicious meals everyday, meaning there is no usage of single use plastic material. Also we got rid of plastic bottles by applying a water filter to the tap and delivered water thermos to all the team.
We have decided to stay in our beautiful 1930s production site, situated in the heart of Milan and restructured most of it,being respectful of its art decò style, with and A+ energy rating.
Small steps make a change.
Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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